“...Sing of the ways of the Lord, for the glory of
                                                                               the Lord is great.”
 – Psalms 138:5

We are a youth-led ministry, ranging from the ages of 19-22, based out of Southern Missouri. Our desire is to minister to individuals through singing, speaking, and one-on-one counseling. We travel nation-wide proclaiming the Gospel through songs, with meaningful lyrics, accompanied by our three-part harmony. Our mission is to lead others to the God of all consuming love, and point them to the One true source of happiness for this life. We have a

passion to reach out to others, especially 


-About Our Ministry

fellow young people, with the encouragement of how God has led in our lives and how He will be faithful to guide others’ lives with a deep, personal interest. 


A Great Controversy is warring around, easily seen daily through the perplexities that overwhelm each of us. Satan is striving to claim lives through the bondage of subjection. All the while, Jesus is persistently knocking on our hearts’ door with the plan of benevolence He willingly wants to share. The choice is ours. Some may have never known the God we’ve found to be so trustworthy, or experienced life through Him. That’s a call to our hearts to draw all men into His compassionate arms.



                                                                And so we sing ... 4HisGlory