About Us

As a child, I did not grow up as a Christian, but through some very life changing events, I found the true joy of becoming a follower of Jesus. He changed my life incredibly, and He can change anyone’s just the same. That’s why it’s my passion to tell of His goodness and the devotion He has to work mightily in each of our lives. Aside from ministry, family, smiles, little children, and oh, don't forget, relaxing in the country air with the grass between my toes are among some of the simple things I love!  I also enjoy cooking, gardening, running, and hiking (especially in the mountains). My desire is to strive to follow in Jesus’ footsteps in everything I do that I may become the kind of young woman He would have me to be.

Logan Gardner

- lead soprano (22)

Shalyn Gardner

- alto (19)

Michael Downs

-  bass (23)

Throughout my life, I have seen time after time how faithful our God is. I feel so blessed to have grown up knowing that God will never leave or forsake us and will walk beside us no matter what circumstances life brings us. My desire is to share the endless love and faithfulness of God with all whom I come in contact with. One of the ways I love spreading His message is through music. Singing, playing cello, guitar and the piano is something I enjoy. Besides ministry, I spend my time doing anything and everything related to farming; working with cows, fence work, cutting hay, you name it! My family and friends are a huge part of my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

As I look back, I can see how God has lead during my short life! Although growing up, I really didn’t know Christ; He started calling me to have a closer walk with Him during my pre-teen years…. He has been teaching me to depend more fully upon Him by surrendering my life into His hands each and every day!  Because of the love and mercy He has shown in my life, I have a heart-felt desire to reach and encourage everyone I meet! I especially have a longing to spread the love of Jesus to my fellow peer group.  Along with ministry, singing, playing the piano and viola by ear, is a passion of mine.  Laughing and making memories with family and friends is something that's very special to me too. :) Every day of life is a precious gift, and may we all treasure each moment!